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Netcompany A/S: A big public site was moved inhouse and afterwards I did maintenance on the danish website, as well as various development tasks in Sitecore CMS.

KMD A/S: Consulted for KMD A/S as web programmer on a large web project for the end customer SKAT ( The project was based on .Net 1.1 technology.

VKR Holding A/S: Implementation of a large intranet web site for a major Danish holding company. Integration between Sitecore and AD (Active Directory at Velux IT Dept.), extensions for user validation, upgrading of the Sitecore installation to version 4.3.2, various adjustments in the code base and some SQL server setup / application monitoring. User validation in 'live mode' from AD was brought together with existing mechanisms which the Intranet application already utilized to validate UID's against the IT department's Domino server.