KEA Typescript Week

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TypeScript Intro slides for KEA students:


TypeScript Demo VS2103 Project - Star Wars guessing game:

VS 2013 TypeScript Project

Please contact Finn Vilsbæk at if you have problems getting the material.

Work Brief:

Ideas for combining the two sample games:

2 buddy pair school students choose either red or green. Winning the 4-in-a-row board game allows the student to choose from a selection of quizzes. After score taking in the quiz (both students cooperate on answering) a new round of the board game starts.

If you want to build the sample Guessing Game yourself, this is the procedure: mangle all the stuph into a fresh TypeScript project, and you get around 400 errors to start up with.. but a lot is fixed by adding the specific definitions for easeljs, preloadjs and soundjs from the Definitely Typed Project, using the Package Manager console with the command:

* Install-Package easeljs.TypeScript.DefinitelyTyped

Next, fix three missing var statements: var questionCorrect, var stage, var sidious

Also fix the various calls to stuff like

* ewok.onClick = function () {

* answerWrong();

* }

- with a call to: ewok.addEventListener("mousedown", answerWrong); instead, using createJS's addEventListener functions.

* TODO list: Center the canvas in the browser window. Add a 'Finish' button for quitting the game at the end. Set up different sounds and images, and some more questions to make it become a school quiz.

URL for Boris Yankov's DefinitelyTyped project at GitHub:

URL for Star Wars Guessing Game tutorial: